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Funny how new facts pop up and make you doubt that there’s any goodness in life. Everyone pretends to be normal and be your friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don’t know about and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other’s tapes and find out what each of us was really like…” - ― James Franco, Palo Alto

"Une Femme Est Une Femme" (1961)

It’s not everyday you get to feel like Peter Pan & the Lost boys.
Still pinching myself to make sure this place wasn’t a dream  @travelalberta (at Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, alberta )

How Alaskans TanPhoto Credit: (Nora Fleischer)

"What are you doing sitting in that locker?"
"I don’t know. I just like it sometimes."
Palo Alto (2013)Gia Coppola
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